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AI image generator websites

Top 10 AI image generator websites for 2024

The power of artificial intelligence (AI) has made huge steps in recent years, especially in the field of generating visual content from a written description. AI image generators, which turn written text into visual art, are advanced tools that leverage the power of AI to produce unique and engaging images. These generators use complex processes where AI analyzes the text and understands the context, elements, properties, and meanings conveyed, then refers to extensive databases of images and art models to create a visual artwork in line with the inputted written description.

AI image generator websites

AI image generator tools vary widely in their capabilities, from creating simple drawings to producing complex, high-resolution images that can rival human-created art. These tools meet a variety of needs, from helping designers in their creative efforts to helping marketers produce attractive, artistic content.


These tools are not only changing how visual content is created, but also expanding the creative potential of AI, blurring the lines between technology and art. Image generation tools represent the remarkable progress in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and show how these technologies can extend into areas that have always been dominated by human creativity.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 AI image generator tools for 2024:


1. GetIMG

GetIMG stands out among the majority of image generators thanks to its AI toolkit. It allows users to create original images at large scale, edit existing images, expand images beyond their original frame, and create customized AI models. With its advanced editor, users can create the missing parts of any image . There are almost no limits , you can easily edit small details or completely change the visual features . The AI painting feature allows you to remove unwanted objects from photos or make adjustments to other elements. Simply erase part of the image and tell the AI what to show in the empty area.

Main features:

  • Create up to 10 photos in seconds.
  • More than 20 AI models available.
  • Create personalized AI avatars.
  • Personalize the AI to create photos your way.
  • Easily edit photos with text prompts.


2. NightCafe

NightCafe is one of the big names in the world of AI art generators. It’s known for having more algorithms and options than other generators, yet it’s very easy to use for beginners. NightCafe runs on credit but has a generous free service and many ways to earn free credits by sharing the site on social media.


Main features:

  • The user owns their own designs from their own AI images.
  • More algorithms than other generators.
  • Lots of control for professional users.
  • Earn credits by participating in social media and forums.
  • Active and useful social forum.
  • Organize your creations in collections and collections.
  • Download all your photos in one go.
  • Create videos.
  • Buy prints of your artwork.


3. ArtSmart

ArtSmart AI is considered easier to use than most other platforms, including Midjourney, and allows more control over image output. The site provides several tools that help users create better and more accurate images. This includes setting up the camera, choosing camera angles, selecting time, weather, and drawing styles. With the Tune feature, you can train the ArtSmart AI model on any image you want and have it create different styles for you.

Main features:

  • Inpainting and Outpainting.
  • Generate images from another image.
  • Convert image to Prompt text.
  • Face Optimizer.
  • Image optimization.


4. MidJourney


MidJourney is an obvious one. It offers amazing potential for generating artwork, but the only drawback is that you need to use Discord for instant messaging, which can be a barrier for many users. Users can interact with the MidJourney bot by sending a direct message or extending an invitation to another server on the official Discord servers.

Main features:

  • Creates highly realistic images.
  • Requires proficiency in AI indoctrination engineering.
  • Only available to Discord users.

5. DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3, developed by OpenAI, is an AI image generator that can create highly realistic images in a very short time. According to OpenAI, the tool can be used to create illustrations, design products, and generate new business ideas. DALL-E 3’s user-friendly interface allows anyone to create high-quality images using AI.

Main features:

  • Create highly realistic images in a short time.
  • Create illustrations and product designs.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Customize images with multiple layers.


6. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a well-established company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) that provides photos, footage, music, and editing tools. Starting in 2023, Shutterstock is offering tools to create images and artwork using OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 image generation system. DALL-E 2 is known for producing highly realistic images that combine concepts, properties, and patterns.

Key features:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Integration with Shutterstock’s extensive library and tools.
  • Ability to license up to 10 AI-generated images for free with a free trial duration.


7. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is one of the most popular AI art generators on the market. It is a tool that allows you to create photorealistic images using AI. Deep Dream is based on a network of algorithms trained on millions of images. The program is easy to use; simply upload an image and then generate a new image based on the original.

Main features:

  • Create realistic images using artificial intelligence.
  • A network of algorithms trained on millions of images.
  • Offers different drawing styles.
  • Categorizes images for easy selection.
  • Three distinct styles: Deep, Fluffy, and Deep Dream.
  • Introduces Text 2 Dream to turn text into an image.


8. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a comprehensive suite of AI tools from Adobe that enables users to effortlessly create stunning images and diverse elements through the use of artificial intelligence. What sets Firefly apart is its precise and exclusive training on exclusive, licensed images and public domain content.

Key features:

  • Trained exclusively on exclusive, licensed images and public domain content.
  • Generates a variety of elements.
  • Integrates with the entire Adobe ecosystem.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Ensures accountability and transparency.


9. Artbreeder

Artbreeder is a well-known name among AI art generators, offering image quality enhancement through machine learning. This program allows you to create different variations of an image using machine learning. You can create landscapes, anime characters, portraits, and many other works of art on a single platform. Other features include the ability to change facial features such as skin color, hair, and eyes. You can also turn photos into animations.

Main features:

  • Optimize image quality.
  • Produces diverse image styles.
  • Allows the creation of landscapes, anime characters, and portraits.
  • Saves designed images in folders.
  • Download results in JPG or PNG format.

10. LimeWire

LimeWire, which was once a popular file-sharing platform, has been relaunched as an AI-focused content and community platform. Currently available is LimeWire AI Studio, which utilizes several open-source image generation models, including SDXL, SD 2.1, and DALL-E2, and they are working on a proprietary model. LimeWire also features a cryptocurrency, LMWR, which can be used to pay for orders, earn ad revenue shares for AI content, and more.

Key features:

  • Create content that can be minted as NFTs on the blockchain.
  • Supports multiple image generation models.
  • Cryptocurrency integration with the LMWR token.

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