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The MSI AI-powered gaming monitor at Computex 2024

At Computex 2024, MSI is introducing a new AI-powered gaming monitor that promises to redefine gaming as we know it. This innovative monitor will respond to the growing demands of today’s gamers, delivering better real-time performance and graphics.


Special Features:

AI-Driven Performance Optimization:

Uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze in-game conditions and optimize corrective action. It ensures seamless gaming, reduced latency, and good frame rates.

Adaptive Scene Enhancement:

The monitor is powered by AI image processing, which can dynamically enhance scenes with brightness, contrast, color balance, and tuning for an immersive and beautiful gaming experience.

Customizable Gaming Profiles:

Gamers can create and save their personal profiles that the AI can switch on while playing games of any kind, be it fast shooters or games requiring a lot of strategy. The monitor adapts to offer the best possible performance.

Enhanced Eye Care Technology:

The AI monitor is also improved with advanced eye care to reduce blue light and flicker emissions, making long gaming sessions more comfortable and less straining on the eyes.

Integration with MSI Ecosystem:

The monitor is designed to integrate seamlessly with other MSI gaming products to give the gamer a complete setup and, hence, an overall better experience.

Pricing and Availability

MSI announced the AI gaming monitor will be available for purchase in Q3 2024. Competitive pricing is what MSI has promised, considering the cutting-edge features and technology integrated into the monitor.


MSI’s AI Gaming monitor is going to set new standards for gaming displays. Gamers should expect nothing but the best in performance, visual presentation, and utmost personal gaming experience with this AI-supported feature. Attendees of Computex 2024 will be keenly looking forward to putting their hands on this disruptive technology.

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